Top 5 Things Every Bride Should Do Before Their Wedding Day October 06 2015

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It’s the day that the majority of women dream of all their lives, your wedding day. Although we all know the importance of organising the major details like the venue, flowers and all-important dress, it can be easy to forget the finer details that ensure you feel relaxed and able to fully enjoy the most important day of your life.

  1. Book A Spa Day

There’s no denying that ‘the big day’ is not only fun and exciting but also long and really quite tiring. It’s hard to juggle last minute gym sessions and fitting in as much overtime at work as possible while trying to plan your first trip as man and wife. Try to dedicate some time to yourself, be it a weekend or even just an afternoon to sit back, relax and feel pampered. Not only does a day at the spa work wonders for preparing you mentally, but it’s also good to feel like you looked your best for your wedding album. 

  1. Find A Photographer

Speaking of your wedding album, it’s important to find a wedding photographer that you and your husband-to-be are comfortable with. It’s simple to look through an online portfolio or website and like an artist's final images, but ideally you want to consider how involved the photographer will be on the day itself. Parts of the day such as the ceremony can be quite an intimate affair and so it's paramount that you feel at ease with how the photographer plans to capture these scenes and that they will not distract your guests while doing so.

  1. Teeth Whitening

With all the focus being on you and your better half, something like your smile shouldn’t be the thing to hold you back during your wedding day. Investing in some sort of teeth whitening treatment can really make a difference when it comes to making sure you feel confident on the day. 

  1. Prepare Your ‘Getting Ready’ Outfit

This does not mean spending a small fortune on matching outfits with a cheesy slogan printed on the back for you and your bridal party. However, it is wise to choose something both comfortable and tasteful for yourself to wear whist getting ready. Not only are your friends and loved ones going to want action shots from the moment you wake up, but you also want something which is easy to slip on and off without ruining your hair and makeup.

  1. Organise Gifts For Your Bridal Party

When it comes to thanking your nearest and dearest for their support during the stressful weeks leading up to your wedding day, nothing shows your appreciation more than a personalised keep-sake. These Sterling Silver Necklaces from Edenborough Evans are perfect. Not only does a unique piece like this cater to all ages, but by having the names of your bridal party included, you can give the gift a personal touch whilst staying within your budget.