Four Wedding Traditions To Embrace October 29 2015

At Edenborough Evans, we love nothing more than a beautiful wedding - particularly the lovely little traditions that make each and every wedding so special. If your big day is around the corner, you might want to weave some of these traditions (our top 4 favourites) into your big day.

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue

Although many of us are familiar with this tradition, we may not be familiar with the heartfelt meaning behind it. The ‘something old’ symbolises a link to the bride’s past, ‘something new’ is a token of good luck, ‘something borrowed’ is a gentle reminder that friends and family are always there for you and as for your ‘something blue,’ let your imagination run wild! Naturally, we’re most excited about finding that ‘something new.’ It's another great excuse to buy something else new. Tradition prescribes it! Why not opt for a timeless piece of jewellery – Something you can personalise with your husband's initials, special date or a precious stone. Wear it on the day, or sew it into your gown. It's another sentimental reminder of this special occasion.

Tossing the bouquet

Tossing the bridal bouquet is a century old tradition that is still embraced by the modern day bride. According to this superstition, the lucky gal who catches the bouquet will be the next in line to marry. Of course, this superstition was born alongside many of the several old wives tales we believed to be true when we were growing up. Nonetheless, this longstanding tradition adds a little harmless fun to the wedding equation, particularly for the single ladies. And there will always be a select few who take it too seriously...

Not seeing each other before the wedding

In this day and age, the large majority of us already live with our partners and so the element of surprise is non-existent (or so that’s what we believe). While tradition has it that it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding, we’re not as concerned about the superstitious beliefs as we are about the wonderful element of surprise that this tradition can recreate. Knowing that the next time you see your partner will be as you walk down the aisle will surely see a surge in your excitement levels.

Wedding cake

We have the early Romans to thank for making this tradition what we know and love today. The humble wedding cake has evolved over the years and has now become a firm favourite in almost every bride's big day. Whether you opt for a decadent, indulgent, edible centrepiece or something more simplistic, cutting the cake as man and wife will seriously be a delicious part of your day. We LOVE the cheese wheel cake!