The Bridal Beauty Checklist November 11 2015

We love weddings. The music, dancing, food, laughter and fun. An amazing day to share with your nearest and dearest. Even if you’re usually quite calm and chilled out, planning a wedding takes a lot of work and you need to ensure that you have a time out for yourself in the lead-up. Brides-to-be know that this a very exciting time, but it can also be potentially stressful as you run around coordinating all of the elements for your very special day!

It’s important that you stay calm and collected and spend time taking care of yourself, so that you are glowing with good health and looking stunning on your big day. At Edenborough Evans, we love nothing more than helping our closest and dearest prepare for their special day. We also know that amidst work, chores and your long list of to-dos, 'taking a break' can become a foreign concept. So, we've put together a much more enticing checklist to help you keep those stress levels at bay.




Pamper yourself

Whenever you feel like you’re getting overwhelmed with the details and stressing out about the minutia aspects, book yourself a manicure or a facial to take your mind off things for an afternoon. Never underestimate the power of a little pampering to lift your mood.


Invest in a great hair treatment

Your hair is your crowning glory, and if you grab a great hair mask for your mane, you’ll take care of your tresses. Pop some on once a week every time you take a longer shower (maybe even a bath) and feel the silky difference with your hair.



Hit the gym & adopt a healthy diet

When we look good, we feel good. Brides-to-be who hit the gym and eat healthily in the lead up to their wedding will undoubtedly feel better on their big day. Follow a healthy eating meal plan (perhaps with your fiance) and ensure that you schedule enough time for the gym in between everything else on your plate!



De-stress with a massage

In addition to making sure that you take care of your face and nails, a good massage every month in the lead up to your wedding is going to ensure that you’re all relaxed and blissed out, ready for your big day. Plus, if you’re doing some extra workouts at the gym, your body is going to be thanking you for the muscle-relieving treatment.



Delegate tasks

Not technically a beauty tip, but it will help with stress which has a roll-on effect for everything else: Learn how to delegate tasks and save yourself the stress of taking on too much. You’ll find that if you ask your bridesmaids to assist you with odd errands, they’ll be only too happy to help. And if you're searching for the perfect bridal party gift that expresses your gratitude and appreciation, consider a personalised keepsake that they will cherish for years to come!