Top Tips For Planning A Stress-Free Wedding November 24 2015

Weddings are a time for love, family, good food, celebration and friends. While planning a wedding is a lot of work, it doesn’t have to be a stressful time in your life. Some brides-to-be are insanely organised, others are more relaxed. Either way there is always a huge to-do list that needs to be addressed. We know a thing or two about weddings, so we pulled together some great tips from our nearest and dearest on how best to manage this super important time. Enjoy.


Your wedding day is going to pass by so fast that if you don’t look around and enjoy it, you’re going to miss some of the most beautiful moments! Make sure that you practice being mindful and stick to that list. Some things are controllable, others not so much. Remember it all comes together at the end.


Bridesmaids are an extremely helpful support in the lead up to the day. Make sure you delegate a few items on your to-do list.


Planning a big party of any kind can be stressful, let alone a wedding. Be sure to make the most of your weekends, and take time to hang out and do non-wedding activities. It's a time where it can be all consuming. Don't be consumed! That way, you’ll maintain your life/wedding balance and won’t let stress creep up on you.


You're going to need to ensure that you're eating well and fueling your body with all the right nutrients, so make sure that you have a nutritional plan in place and you're following it. Follow some bloggers or inspirational people on Instagram for motivation and for great meal inspiration.


Thank those lovely people who you could not have lived without during this whole time. Give them a beautiful token of your appreciation. A small piece of jewellery is a lovely idea - it doesn’t have to be incredibly expensive but is something that your bridal party will always cherish.


Make use of the Google Calendar app or use your phone to schedule everything in your life that’s coming up. Appointments, meetings, tastings, viewings; they should all be in your phone.


Stay up to date with your hair, nail and beauty appointments. Though time may be a little more precious when your wedding day looms large on the horizon, you'll feel more put together when you look put together. Take time out for yourself to take care of yourself!


There are going to come times when you have had it with everyone and everything. You need to know that this is the time when you need to take some alone time, instead of taking it out on others. Recognise when you’re getting stressed out and take some time for yourself - go for a walk or meditate.


The last thing you want is to get sick in the lead up to your big day! Make sure that you're getting enough sleep, and that you're still fitting in regular yoga or pilates classes. You'll be able to stay fit and healthy and you'll ward off potential illness.


Last but not least - don't forget to have fun! On the big day, you're going to be surrounded with friends, family and oh-so-much love.

Good luck planning your stress-free wedding, and don't forget to take time to breathe. All the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place so make sure you take care of yourself in the lead-up.