We are officially half way through summer and we are super excited about getting to the beach whenever we can. This year we’ve stumbled across a few really helpful tips and tricks from various style bloggers and health experts to help us prepare for the summer sun, and bring a little glam to the beach.

Here we go. 

Tip 1: Look after your skin


Sound ridiculously obvious, and we all know the basics. But do we enforce them. Not often enough... This summer try to give a few of these tricks a go.

Sunscreen. SPF30+ is all the go, everywhere and anywhere out doors. The higher the SPF factor the better. Check the expiry date though - who knew sunscreen could expire?! Dermatologists advise that if you have had sunscreen for more than a year it’s time for a new bottle. Make sure you reapply every two hours at least, and don’t forget a bit of SPF 30 lip balm/zinc for your lips. They burn too. And remember, in the lead up to summer you need to prepare so make sure you exfoliate and moisturise. That way your fake tan, or real tan is likely to stick around a lot longer if the skin is in good condition before you begin.

Tip 2: Get a great hat + sunnies


Hats are the key. The sun is so damaging and can age the skin rapidly, so invest in a great hat and sunnies. Whether you’re into wide brimmed floppy hats, straw boaters, or caps, make sure it becomes part of your beachwear staples. We love this gorgeous Zimmerman  hat (and outfit). All she needs is some sunnies from Pared. We have just discovered them. Sported by some serious celebrities, Pared have an amazing range with some awesome designs.

Tip 3: Bring some glam to the beach

Thankfully there are loads of ways that you can bring a bit of polish to the beach this summer. For us it’s all about a cool colour palette, loose shirts, a piece or two of fine jewellery and denim shorts. We love long thin chains with caftans and bathers. Or you can take the advice of style maven Rachel Zoe and layer a tonne of little pieces. Nothing too fussy or heavy is Rachel’s mantra.

We’ve noticed the luxe boho vibe is definitely around this season (check out our Mister Zimi collection). Looking to make a statement this summer? Look no further than brightly coloured scarves, bold prints, wedges and a healthy dose of accessorising. Create an elegant beach look by teaming bold, colourful prints with fantastic gold jewellery.

And then there is the all-important bathers. Full piece, two piece, how to choose? We are loving Triangl this season. Looking for less of a statement? Why not try the new Seafolly  range, they have a cut to suit everyone and a host of colours to work as just the right base for any beach outfit.

Tip 4: Diet & Exercise



It’s very hard, particularly after the silly season, to get back into a steady routine of diet and exercise.

We certainly understand this. All the trainers in the world will tell you to get moving. Walk, run, do Pilates, dance and basically stay active. Getting up early, or training at night so that you miss the heat of the day is really important. There is nothing better than walking along the beach and it’s really good for you. So if you are after a slower start, look no further than the local beach.

Diet is a tricky one. Obviously summer is great for tropical fruits and lush veggies. Juices are an excellent place to start and drinking water with lemon is one of the greatest detoxing tips there is.

So drink up!

We hope that some of these have been helpful as you head into summer. If you’re looking for that bit of glam, or want some inspo for your summer wardrobe, check out our new Hani collection. Inspired by the sun, and designed for all of your summer adventures.