We are delighted the New Year is almost here. If you’re anything like us you may have a few ideas about what the year ahead should look like. We have so many great plans for 2016, and at this stage we would like to think they are all achievable! But let’s face it resolutions are far easier to break than they are to keep!

We would like to think that meaning stones could help us achieve our dreams this year. Whether you are a believer or not, these pretty pieces are sure to make you happy in 2016.


Resolution: health, wealth & wellbeing

Looking for a safe, healthy and prosperous start to the year?

Turquoise, meaning Turkish Stone, is one of the oldest gemstones around. Said to carry great wisdom, turquoise is a symbol of wealth, strength and protector of harm. It also brings peace to the home and, when given to a friend can bring the wearer good fortune.

Is a detox also on the list for the new year? Look no further than turquoise as the promoter of detoxification.

All this aside, turquoise is very easy on the eye and an excellent addition to your summer wardrobe. Who doesn’t love a pop of the greeny blue turquoise hue?!

For turquoise all year round, have you thought about our Health + Protection Bracelet?


Resolution: Love, love, love….

Is love (for yourself and others) on the list this year? Rose Quartz is the gemstone stone for you.

Whether you are looking to meet the love of your life this year, or keep the love that you already have (friends, family, partner and self) Rose Quartz could be the answer.

The energy of Rose Quartz is said to open the heart chakra to all forms of love. It cannot only attract love, it is also used to promote unconditional love. If you need to do a lot more self-loving this year, Rose Quartz can promote self-esteem and a strong sense of self-worth. The energy of Rose Quartz can be great for balance, peace and stress relief.

Why not help get this resolution off the ground? Try our Love + Luck Initial Necklace.


Resolution: Happiness 

Happiness, is probably at the top of every list of resolutions this year. Who doesn’t want a happy year? Citrine, a gorgeous light green stone, is said to deflect all negative energies from its surroundings – like an emotional detox. So why not keep this year free of any negativity, and bring on all that positive energy. Citrine can also promote self-confidence and a whole host of wellness benefits including mental clarity and a strong immune system. Aesthetically the beauty of citrine is that it goes with absolutely everything. It’s a subtle, classy gemstone with an inability to offend!

Give happiness a good chance in 2016 with our Peace + Happiness Bracelet.



Resolution: Balance and renewal

With both love and happiness covered, why not try a little more balance or a fresh start in 2016? Peridot is a lesser known stone with a capacity to attract a lot of positive energy. This compassionate stone is associated with strong healing powers and the added bonus of bringing about abundance and prosperity. Used in healing to reduce stress, jealousy and anger, peridot is also said to create a shield of protection around its wearers.

These all sound pretty important to us, are they on your list? Why not support your resolutions with a bit of peridot?



Resolution: peace and harmony (amongst other things)

We love pearls. One of the oldest and most beautiful of the gemstone family, pearls are considered in many circles to be the most valuable. Said to bring about peace, harmony, purity and innocence it’s a little wonder that pearls are the gemstone of choice for brides.

Born in February, April, June, July or November? You lucky things, pearls are your birthstone.

Getting married this year? Or just looking for a little calm? Time to introduce pearls into your jewellery collection.



Resolution: Wisdom, truth and good judgement

The little known Lapis Lazuli has been sought out over the years to bring about peace from negative thought and clear perspective. Looking to become a better communicator? Look no further than the Lapis that can bring about respect and compassion.

Lapis Lazuili is a pretty good all rounder. And let’s face it, a bit of navy blue looks great with everything.



Resolution: Success, strength and foresight

This gorgeous gemstone, like the pearl, originates from the sea. In fact, coral has been known over the years as garden of the sea. Traditionally coral has been said to reduce stress, and attract success to the wearer.

If adventure is on the cards, and some brave decisions need to be made, a piece of coral might be a good choice for the journey. Who would have thought this pink little stone could mean so much!


Resolution: This stone pretty much covers it all

If it’s on the list of things to focus on for 2016, Amethyst pretty much covers it all. From emotional stability, strength, flexibility (of mind), calm, balance, protection, patience and peace, Amethyst is the stone for you.

So if you’re looking for a bit of an all-purpose stone that will blend right into your day and night attire, amethyst is the answer.


Our gemstone collection incorporates our favourite gemstones for both their meanings and appearance. No matter what your resolutions are this year, we think these beauties are well worth introducing to your 2016 wardrobe!


*Note gemstone meanings are spiritual supports only.