These Are A Few Of Our Favourite Things ♪ December 22 2015

Here’s just a few of our favourite things ♥ Edenborough Evans

It goes without saying summer is one the happiest times of year. The long warm days, gorgeous weekends, and balmy nights. Whether you are taking every opportunity to get to the beach (for a swim or a walk), dining at home or simply getting out and about. It doesn’t matter. Summer is seriously special and we at EE are super excited that our summer adventure has begun.

So here is what you will find us doing this sunny season.

ONE: Dinner. Fish and chips all the way. We could not imagine anything more fun than dining on a towel, accompanied by a gorgeous sunset and wonderful friends. The fish and the chip part is pretty awesome too.

TWO: Where we escape. You will find us at Flinders whenever we can get there. Swimming, entertaining, and stealing away some spare time to relax and rejuvenate. What more could you ask for?

THREE: Can’t do without. We absolutely cannot live without our bikinis. We are totally in love with really vibrant tropical prints this season. It goes without saying paired with a bit of beach jewellery like our Hani personalized bracelets give these gorgeous prints a lovely subtle lift.

FOUR: Snacks and replenishment. Can’t go past watermelon and coconut water. Enough said.

FIVE: Other beach essentials. We always pack our trashy mags (important!), sarong, a great book (for after the mags), hat and sunscreen.

SIX: In and around Melbourne. For brekky we will be at Top Paddock on Church Street Richmond, the breakfast and coffee are sensational. Check out the amazing pics on their instagram @toppaddock.

At night, Captain Baxter. Can’t beat that beach view and happy summer vibe.

SEVEN: Attire. This summer we will be rocking as much colour as we can muster. Denim is going to stick around and nothing looks better with the soft denims than some subtle colour. We will have armfuls of colourful bracelets, each with a burst of colour, from our collection. By night we will accentuate our summer outfits with a few of our delicate necklaces. A soft, subtle bit of glamour.

Well that’s a wrap for us this summer. We are already giving this list a good work out.

Let us know where you will be up to. There is always room on our summer favourites list for more!