Shine bright - how to keep jewellery dazzling March 08 2016

We are all guilty of letting our beloved jewels lose their lustre but these easy jewellery cleaning tips will have your special pieces back to their sparkling best in no time.

Not all jewellery is made equal so we need to clean them differently. We have got you covered for keeping those engagement rings twinkling and your sterling silver, plated and polished brass jewellery shining.


Engagement Rings: Is there anything more mesmerising than an engagement ring catching the light? We think not, but unfortunately by wearing this piece so often it can be more dull than dazzling. Follow this home remedy and you should have your engagement ring back to its sparkling best.

You will need warm water, dishwashing soap and a gently toothbrush. Mix the soap with the water and leave your ring to soak for 20-45 minutes. Carefully clean the stone with the toothbrush and rinse well. You may need to repeat this process but if your engagement ring is covered in oil or the dirt is very tightly compacted it may call for a professional clean.

Remember never to use harsh chemical like bleach or abrasives which will scratch the metal. Just like a marriage your engagement ring needs love and care. Make sure you have it checked by a jeweller every 6-12 months to ensure your settings remain secure.


Sterling Silver: We love sterling silver jewellery for its brightness and longevity. Its tendency to tarnish is its only downside but luckily it is very receptive to cleaning. Silver cleaner or a silver cloth is an obvious choice but if you don’t have any lying around, try this easy trick. Place foil in the bottom of a bowl and lay sterling silver jewellery out in one flat layer. Cover with baking soda. Pour over boiling water and watch the dirt literally bubble away in seconds. Rinse, dry and enjoy!


Plated Jewellery: Plated jewellery can be a little more delicate to clean. Plated jewellery has a layer of metal over the base metal structure of the piece of jewellery. When cleaning a plated piece take special care, we don’t want to strip off the plating. A soft cloth with a gentle polishing motion is a good option. Never use harsh chemicals, abrasives or silver cleaner on plated pieces. Follow this advice and keep them in a protective pouch and you will be loving your plated pieces for years to come.

Polished Brass: Like sterling silver, polished brass has a tendency to dull off over time, particularly when worn in water. Fortunately it is amazingly easy to clean. Oddly enough you will need tomato sauce to keep your brass pieces shining. Pour a small amount of the sauce on the brass and rub over the piece before wiping off with paper towel. Rinse off the sauce, dry and you are ready to wear.


We hope these tips will have your jewels dazzling!