Thinking Outside the Egg- Alternative gifts for Easter March 29 2016

Although chocolate is favourite, let’s face it, one can feel huge regret after mowing down a basket full off Easter eggs and bunnies! Think outside the egg this Easter.

Active Wear: After the chocolate binge you can feel slightly sluggish and guilty. Give Easter a positive spin and gift your friends and family with a new sports get up. There is nothing more motivating than new active wear! We love, Lu Lu Lemon, Jaggad and ye old faithful Nike.



Jewellery: Perfect for the boys and the girls. Personalised some cufflinks, rings, bracelets or necklaces a gifts for Easter this year. They will certainly last a lot longer than an Easter Egg! Check out the Hani collection for the ladies, this range will be sure to impress!




Green Juice voucher: Don’t let Easter tell you who is boss. Go the healthy option and request a green juice voucher for Easter in place of the usual overflowing basket of eggs. Your body and mind will thank you for it and you will have a guilt-free Easter. Our favourite places to pick up vouchers are Green Cup or Pressed Juice who have several outlets.


Happy (modern) Easter!


EE xx