How To Match Bridal Hairstyles & Wedding Jewellery


There are some parts of your wedding day that you will probably have decided on, oh, about ten years ago - like what song you're going to choose for your first dance, or what kind of cake you want. Then, there are some other things to think about which you might not have even considered, but which you’ll need to give some thought to at some point or another. We’re talking about wedding jewellery, and we’re specifically talking about matching your hair to your jewellery.

Once you have all of the big stuff out of the way, (reception venue, catering, dress, shoes) you can start to focus down on all the cute details like what kind of earrings you’re going to be wearing. Let’s take a look at some of the most important things to consider when you’re planning your wedding hair and jewellery.

What’s Your Style?

Are you having a traditional wedding or a modern one? If you’re opting for a more traditional wedding, you’ll need to consider the fact that you’re probably going to wear your hair up and that your jewels will need to match the style of your neckline.

Dress Style + Hair Style

There are a range of options available to you for your big day when it comes to selecting a bridal hairstyle that complements your wedding gown. Depending on what kind of neckline you have, you can choose to wear your hair up with soft strands floating around your shoulders, or down and styled. Brides are being more and more daring with their locks. If your dress boasts significant detail, wear your hair up and keep your jewellery simple (so as to show off the dress), and if your dress is simple and elegant, you can afford to make more of a statement with your jewels.

What Are Your Flowers Like?

Matching your jewellery to your flowers isn’t too difficult and the effect of a soft balance between metal and floral can be a stunning contrast. You can either choose to complement or contrast your look, so long as you have an element that ties everything together - even if it’s just the ribbon on your bouquet. Our Confetti Collection would add a touch of glam to any outfit. We definitely recommend an updo to show off the stunning detail though!

Match Your Bridesmaids To Your Style

Sourcing the jewellery for your bridal party is going to double up as a lovely gift and will ensure that you have control over the jewels they wear. Our personalised bracelets are a beautiful idea and one that your bridesmaids will truly appreciate.

We hope this short guide goes a long way in helping you to source the perfect jewels for your big day.

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